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Eastside Mobile Shrink Wrap is a family owned business serving Washington State.

We provide top notch service and quality products for a multitude of applications. Polyethylene films have covered an array of products over the years from boats, cars, machinery and construction enclosures.  Whether you are looking for a long term outdoor storage alternative, product or machinery protection for delivery or securing a tow behind vehicle for a cross country trip.  Our only limitation is your imagination.

Our applications have held up to transportation demands world wide and storage needs for years. There have been no compromise in gel coats, chaffing of paints/coatings or other damage associated with the application process we use. We have only a few limitations on applying shrink wrap- it cannot be actively raining, winds that would make handling large sheets of wrap dangerous or free of standing water on the products surface to be wrapped.  Historically shrink wrap has had issues with moisture due to inadequate venting.  Wet conditions inside of product prior to application- moisture in seat cushions, full coolers, wet carpets, wet shoes left in boats, blankets, wet life vests all contribute to poor end of year results.  Our customer’s decisions on shrink wrapping product with standing water, unclean surfaces, bird soiling or moisture conditions will be done under the assumption the product owner is aware of conditions and any damage associated with improper preparation will be the product owners’ responsibility.  Ideally, the product to be wrapped should be clean and dry and in top condition prior to wrapping.  When we are called to wrap a product we operate under the assumption the customer is aware of product condition and is willing to have us perform application at that time. 

All applications for long-term storage will be up charged with door access to allow owner to gain access frequently to inspect, dry, service and keep overall condition to their specifications.  

When getting bids with other companies that dabble in Wrapping, remember to inquire about insurance coverage for the actual process of Shrink Wrapping.  We have held and continue to have one of the only true Underwritters of our industry supporting and providing coverage to Eastside Mobile Shrink Wrap. 

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Curt Cotton- Owner

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